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About us - EXreceivables

Professional debt collection

Our company specializes in out-of-court debt collection. We provide comprehensive legal services including legal assessment of each case and free advice. We work discreetly, quickly and efficiently.

Our clients are natural and legal persons who want their money back. We take into account the differences in receivables according to the business sectors of a particular client. We strive to provide comprehensive services tailored to your needs, so the prices for our services are individual and not cheap!

The contractual remuneration is 20% to 30% of the amount collected.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.

As one of the few receivables specialists, we cooperate directly with bailiffs, which is very unique within the field.

Our main advantages include:

  • We prefer personal contact with the debtor
  • Individual approach tailored to our customer
  • Maximum discretion is part of our services


We perform above average in debt collection!

We guarantee a professional approach and a high success rate in debt collection.

Successful recovery of receivables is in the early delivery of quality documents about the claim and sufficient information about the debtor. In this case, you have up to a 90% chance of paying your claims by the debtor.

In our activities, we are prepared to enforce claims through arbitration before arbitrators, which takes place primarily on the basis of documents (e.g. contractual document recognition of debt containing an arbitration clause). It is much faster and less costly than proceedings before ordinary courts. The remuneration for arbitration is payable with the filing of an action and amounts to 3% of the value of the subject-matter of the dispute, but at least CZK 3,000 (plus adje. VAT). No additional costs shall be reimbursed during the arbitration and the costs of the arbitrator's remuneration shall therefore be the sole expense.

Cooperation with us:
  • professional experience
  • discreet approach
  • free consultation of the claim
  • designing possible other solutions
Enforcement "on your own"
  • lay assessment of the true state of the claim
  • high legal costs
  • long-term and protracted matter
  • low chance of recovery of debt from "more experienced" debtors