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Buy-out of companies - EXreceivables

Buy-out of companies

Do you own a business that you no longer need and would like to sell? Then do not hesitate to contact us, we will prepare a tailor-made offer for the purchase of the company. We offer to buy companies at the best price. The price conditions or takeover of the company for remuneration are individual. We will prepare an analysis for everyone, on the basis of which we will submit an individual offer.

We are interested in companies that:

  • were established, but the business plan was not realized, or the company previously did business, but you no longer want to operate and manage it
  • have a clear and trouble-free history and the company's accounting is available
  • companies are unbound

In the event of a buy-out, we will require the following documents:

  • debt-free certificate by the tax office, health insurance company, social security administration and customs office
  • declaration of indebtedness from the current owner and managing director (according to the law, he is liable by his property for any irregularities between the current state of the company and the situation stated in the declaration)
  • complete company accounting

Contact form

The course of our cooperation


After sending your claim to our e-mail, our specialized department will be involved in its analysis, which will expertly assess all the documents and evaluate the most optimal procedure, in particular whether the claim is suitable for redemption or recovery.

In order to evaluate everything correctly and accurately, it is necessary that you provide us with known contacts for the debtor that you have, such as residence, place of business, employment, telephone and email. We're not a detective agency or a bailiff, so we don't have access to this information.


If the documents you have supplied are complete and it is possible to recover the claim, we will send you an adequate draft contract for representation in the context of the recovery of your financial claim against the debtor.

Due to the current adverse situation with Covid-19, we try to minimize all personal contacts, which is why we have most processes, including signing contracts, set up to take place primarily by telephone and e-mail communication. We save not only your time, but also the health of all of us.

Pre-litigation appeal

If the recovery/claiming of debt is not successful even for about 14-21 days, we will propose to send you a pre-request.

The pre-indemnation appeal is sent by our external law firm, and from our rich years of experience, many debtors pay the debt just because a lawyer has stepped in. In the pre-litigation notice, the debtor is also reminded of the fact that the inernia in the payment of the debt will "make it more expensive" for him to pay the costs of legal proceedings and, where appropriate, the costs of enforcement.

Sending a pre-indust notice is subject to a fee of 100 EUR.


If the debtor does not voluntarily meet the debt on the basis of a pre-liable notice, he is sued or an application for an electronic order for payment is filed. By filing an action, the judicial phase of recovery of your claim begins.

In the application, the applicant shall describe the reason for the claim and document it with documents. The processing of the application, as well as other representation in legal proceedings, is, of course, provided by our external law firm.

In order to initiate legal proceedings, it is necessary to pay the costs associated with the legal proceedings (complete representation by a lawyer, court fees and the direct charge commissioner). The amount of costs is determined individually according to the amount of the receivable.

Excuting warrant

If your debtor does not follow even on the basis of the order for payment issued, we will select the most suitable bailiff and hand over the court decision to him. This will take the entire enforcement and legal process to the final stage, when the bailiff will sew up all available assets (movable and immovable property, bank account, erable financial income, business shares and others) to your debtor.

  • Inspection
  • Representation
  • Pre-litigation appeal
  • Lawsuit
  • Excuting warrant